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Convey information to consumer more efficiently, the process flow mainly include supplier, intermediate person for book delivery and finally to consumer, as you can see the transportation process can easily delayed for at least 1 or 2 days, but using flash ebook, it can greatly reduce the entire process. Whenever costumer trying to understand a specific company’s background in advance, with just few simple mouse clicks, book content can instantly be view through consumer eye.
Searching for printout book will be very time-consuming, and irritating to perform. Digitize book will be store in form of digit, which mean searching would be very fast and efficient. This has given us a great convenience and at the same time provides extra room for use of knowledge, processing and reproduction.
Through internet download or using small electronic application allows you to obtain mass information. It has become one of flash ebook benefits: portability, which allows you read e-reading material in any place any time.
Flash ebook not only display texts and images, it has the ability to preserve its original quality (since it is in soft copy), at the same time attached with sound and video etc…, much more professional then the traditional paper book.
E-magazine differ from web page, it doesn’t need to refresh every time to get into a new page, since the flash ebook comes in full set, when you finish download the file, content within the ebook will be 100% preserved, yet it doesn’t take up much space, as long as consumers don’t delete from the computer, the file can be preserve as long as you want.
Very low cost, you only need to pay for cost of one flash ebook, and duplicate them as many as you wish, with no transportation require and huge time-saver.

Finally, it is inevitable for people who are engaged in commercial service to follow the latest business trend. If you are owning your own business, have you already make up your mind leaving the traditional paper book and making an e-magazine / annual report for your company?
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